Cervin Paris Corsica Tights


Cervin Paris Corsica Tights are the way to go!

The idea of combining a Capri length opaque with a sheer lower leg in a single garment is not new, Gerbe did it with Gerbe Corsair Tights, and Fiore did something similar with their Dolly and Nicole tights.

This style from Cervin Paris pitched at the same price point as the Gerbe.

First impressions are of a 50 denier microfibre opaque tight, quite heavy and soft to the touch. Opening them out you see the very high-quality Cervin waistband, sewn on and carrying their logo; we know that this will work very well at keeping the tights in place and be comfortable. Gerbe and Fogal use the same type of waistband, and in our opinion, the World would be a better place if all tights used it, better if a little more expensive!

The seams in the panty are flat and there is an unlined gusset to help with fit.

The lower leg is not sheer but is, in fact, a Tulle type construction, like a thin net. This is a little less soft and alluring than a sheer foot but should ensure that they last much longer.

The foot is shaped at the heel, and there is a plain reinforced toe. The toe detail will preclude wearing these tights with open toe shoes.

As you can see from the pictures, there is a stylish transition from the opaque upper leg to the tulle lower leg.

Cervin makes this style in 5 sizes, the size four we tested looked quite short. Tulle lower leg seemed to have minimal stretch, but the upper leg comfortably stretched to fit the height suggested in the size chart.

The fit was good with no bagging or sagging at the knee or ankle. Feel on the leg is soft, even on the tulle part. The look is classy and stylish too, but these tights do need the right high heel to set them off.

The design of the panty is leaning towards “hipster”. The waistband does hold the tights in place very well on your hips, and the lower cut will make these tights more suitable for wear with lower waisted shorts and skirts.

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