Cervin Paris Christina Tights


Cervin Paris Christina Tights could do with some improvements…

Both the packet art and the additional photograph provided by Cervin make it very clear that these are far from ordinary tights. The sharp-eyed reader will have spotted that the other pictures are the original shots from which the packet design was made. So, no need for us to try to describe the tights to you.

But we will try anyway. The main body of the tights is the combination of sheer and fishnet in a single knitted pattern. This runs from the lightly reinforced toes all the way to the Cervin signature waistband.

The legs are shaped, and the feet are decorated with an attractive design.

The panty section is finished with high-quality flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. So regarding design and specification, all the right boxes are ticked.

The look on the leg is nice but not as eye-catching as in studio photographs. You would need to choose your shoes most carefully so as not to cover part of the design too.

The 10% Lycra provides a good fit but not much stretch. The size chart is accurate, but you cannot expect any stretch beyond the quoted heights.

On balance we would prefer either a sheer tight or a fishnet. The Henna design is a little lost; it would be a great addition to sheer tights though.

The price is a bit of an issue too. On balance we would spend that sort of money elsewhere, but well done to Cervin for challenging convention with a bold design.

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