Cervin Paris Burano Tights


Cervin Paris Burano Tights look gorgeous!

You certainly can’t accuse Cervin of playing safe with the design of these tights, but of course, high fashion is a feature of Cervin Paris.

First impressions of the tights were almost an anticlimax, after seeing the photos we have here, as the lower leg was uppermost in the packet. We had to look closely to see the patterning on the opaque material.

Opening the tights out we could immediately feel the difference between the thick textured lower leg and the smooth, sheer upper leg and panty.

Visually, the lower patterned leg is around 50 denier and has a raised pattern from the opaque toe, around the shaped heel. Around two-thirds of the way up the leg is a diagonal transition to a sheer upper portion around 20 denier. Construction is then sheer to waist with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset

Some care is needed in putting these tights on. The sizing is accurate but not generous. The lower leg is solid and fits very tight; this encourages you to be quite robust in pulling them up. Repeating this treatment with the sheer upper portion will end in tears.

Once on your legs, the look is excellent although the diamond patterns in the sheer thigh did not quite match the rest of the tights for quality.

The look on the leg is most eye-catching and with the right shoes would give an impression of stretch boot worn over sheer tights, although with detailing at the knee that boots could never achieve.

A skirt short enough to show a little of the sheer upper leg is a must. Otherwise, you may as well buy a more robust and cheaper patterned opaque. Get the shoes and the skirt right, and you will have everyone’s attention.

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