Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Tights


CDR Vidrio Tights is one of the best products I’ve ever seen!

In our opinion, 15 denier is the optimum compromise for every occasion; sheer enough for the evening, heavy enough to cover blemishes and imperfections, light enough for the warmer months, sturdy enough for everyday wear….you get the picture. Most of the premium brands include a 15 denier sheer tight with a finish described as brilliant/shiny/sheen/etc. So this is a very competitive part of the market.

First impressions are very positive; very light, soft and smooth in hand with an attractive sheen and sparkle.

Open them out, and the right impressions continue. Sheer to waist, legs shaped at the heel and light reinforced toes. Flat seams in the panty and a cotton gusset in smaller sizes, our size 5 has a comfort gusset just a little heavier than the legs. There is a very shallow finger band providing a transition to the 3 cm deep waistband.

On the leg, the look and feel are of more sheer tights, fit and sizing are excellent with enough stretch to take a few liberties with sizing. Our feelings are that the comfort gussets design spoils the fit in the seat so being able to slightly overstretch a size four rather than wearing size 5 is a good option if you need it.

The finish on these tights is most definitely a sheen rather than a shine. The look is one of perfectly tanned skin with a very slight film of oil, despite being 15 denier get the right tone for your skin and these tights will be almost invisible. If it were not for the reinforced toes, they would be perfect summer tights with open toe shoes.

A strong contender both regarding quality and price, right up with Falke Seidenglatt and Kunert Moonlight 15 Tights on our all-time favourites list.

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