Cecilia de Rafael Fusion 12 Summer Tights


CDR Fusion Summer Tights are great for the summer!

The “Fusion” name come from the use of Lycra Fusion fibre, which is designed to prevent runs forming. The prevention of runs is vital in sheer summer tights like these, which intend to give a tanned bare leg look (more on that later).

The styling here is pretty typical of summer tights; sheer to waist with sandal toes and flat seams in the panty. Where things differ slightly is that CDR (Cecilia de Rafael) have shaped the heel somewhat to proved fit and put a comfort gusset in the XL size, size 5.

The shaped heel aside, there is a lot in common with Falke Shelina at first, but the feel on the leg is entirely different thanks to the fibre mix and the use of Fusion. There is a harder feel to the surface and lacking the polyurethane of the Falkes. There is also none of the crisp feels either.

The fit is excellent, as is the evenness of the colour. The sizing is generous thanks to a tremendous amount of stretch, which is handy as it both means they will fit tall girls and those more fully in the hips can stay with size 4 and a lined gusset rather than go for size 5. Sizes 4 and five are intended to fit similar height ranges up to a tall 185cm or 190cm, but size five caters for about 10kg more. Our test suggested that size four could cover the range of size 5, ideal if you don’t like the comfort gusset, but it has to be said that for once comfort gusset was quite comfortable.

So does fusion work? Our sample arrived with a hole in the foot, so we will see what a day if wear does.

Well after a very comfortable day, during which these tights were primarily forgotten, we are pleased to report that the tiny run at the site of the hole hadn’t moved at all, so the Fusion fibre worked.

Altogether perfect tights at a very sensible price and the first tights to fit in two categories, Summer and Ladder Resisting.

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