Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Tights


CDR Sevilla Tights are a great Lycra based product!

Italian made tights from a Spanish brand, typically Italian 15 denier but a slightly non-standard fibre mix of 82% Nylon/18 Lycra. A little more Lycra than typical Italian tights.

Lycra 3D and Lycra Satin Sheer, but not “fusion”, so when they say “resistant” on the packet perhaps they do not mean run resistant?

Summer tights in 5 sizes, the largest to fit up to a lofty 190cm (6’3) and an Amazonian 90kg (200lb).

All sizes have a gusset, in size five it is a comfort gusset or rear panel 7cm wide at the waistband.

First impressions; Small, vibrant colour and a crepe-like texture. Lycra 3D makes for a very different type of sheer.

Sheer to waist, lightly shaped at the heel, entirely sheer toe and flat seams in the panty with just the narrowest T-band reinforcement. Everything you might want in summer sheer tights.

They may look small but there is an endless stretch, and that makes them a delight to put on. When you release the material, it merges with your skin to give a finish like oil or an excellent varnish. All shine and colour, very little tights.

The look and feel are gorgeous for summer, and you would not guess they are 15 denier. It is incredible how that crepe-like texture in hand is transformed on your legs.

Our only criticism is that the comfort gusset is not that comfortable, but only our largest readers will not find size four big enough, so little need to buy size 5. The size chart is spot on.

Two of our favourite styles of tights are Falke Seidenglatt for the sheen and Falke Shelina for the summer weight and feel. Here with have tights that offer the best of both.

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