Cecilia de Rafael Rubino 40 Tights


CDR Rubino 40 Tights are durable AND fashionable!

This is the first pair of tights that we have seen from Cecilia de Rafael, they are made in the EU by a Spanish company, but we had to source them from Hosieree who is the US-based on liner reseller. Displaying the style number in such big letters is quirky, but we like it, if you are shopping in a hurry or sending your man out for them it makes them very easy to find.

The sizing is very easy to understand; every size up adds 10 kg to the weight limits and 10 cm to the height. Size 5 will fit up to 190 cm tall and 94 kg which will be more than enough for all the ladies we know, and frankly most of the men too. Only our webmaster at 193 cm and 100 kg are bigger. Our test pair came in size 4.

First impressions are excellent, silky smooth and soft in hand. Opening them out you see they are made sheer to waist with just a narrow finger band giving a transition to the waistband. The seams in the panty are flat and very well made, in the case of the size 4 test pair there is a rear comfort panel of darker stronger material on smaller sizes there is a cotton lined gusset.

The legs are shaped and finished off with quite a significant reinforced toe detail that includes a run stop to prevent holes in the toe running up the leg.

Although not designed as support tights, you can feel a delicate squeeze on your lower leg as you put them on and this will help keep your legs fresh during the day sitting or standing. The Lycra in fibre provides a perfect fit and plenty of stretch.

There is a slight sheen on the finish which is incredibly flattering on a semi-opaque tight, mainly when the colour is flawlessly even.

So they fit well, look good, feel good. What else can we add? Oh yes, they feel firm and durable too.

If you are looking for a semi-opaque, you should at least try a pair of these.

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