Cecilia de Rafael Miami Tights


CDR Miami Tights are an obvious must-buy!

Some tights are made for a specific season, and some go further and even tell you on the packet which season. These, in particular, are summer tights. It is a bright sunny day, and we didn’t need any more excuses to try them.

We are testing size 4, which has a 7cm wide rear central panel, or comfort gusset as some other brands call them, the larger size 5 extends this to 14cm.

At ten denier, it is no surprise that these tights feel very light out of the packet, just how bright they are you fully appreciate when you open them out, they are super delicate and sheer to waist. The only hint of reinforcement between the sandal toe and the finger band is a narrow band against the flat seams in the panty and the central rear panel.

Take care to stretch these tights slowly and evenly up your legs, and you will be rewarded with a perfect skin-tight fit and an instant tan on your legs. The look is not one of hosiery at all; you really would need to be quite close to see the material. You, of course, will know they are there, though. If you cross your legs (and you most likely will), your secret will be out to anyone close enough to hear as these tights make the most delightful swish.

Well made and deceptively firm, we have no hesitation in recommending Cecilia de Rafael Miami Tights.

Pricing may fluctuate depending on where you live, these are Spanish made, but we sourced them in the USA and reviewed them in the UK. Whatever your local price they are worth a try for this summer.

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