Cecilia de Rafael Marfil Tights


CDR Marfil Tights are high quality, with a low price tag!

Much as we like fashion tights, we also do love it when sheer tights arrive for review. Here we have ten denier tights made in Italy for a Spanish brand. We would hope this means they looked to Italy for exceptional quality.

There are five sizes to choose from with the largest aimed at heights of 180-190cm and weights of 80-90kg, which is kinda big; 190cm is 6’3”, and 90kg is just under 200lb. The four smaller sizes all have a cotton lined gusset; the most substantial size has a comfort gusset to give more width in the waist and hips.

Sheer to waist, these tights are made with lightly reinforced toes, some shaping at the heel and flat seams in the panty. There is a narrow strip of reinforcement on either side of the panty seam and a finger band to give a strong transition to the broad waistband (4.5cm thick). In size 5, the V-shaped comfort gusset is the same weight as the reinforced strip and finger band.

Double coated Lycra 3D fibre is used, and this produces tights that feel far stronger than most ten denier sheer hosiery and offer a considerable resistance to stretching, almost too light support levels.

The resistance to stretching translates into a phenomenal fit, so these tights cling to every curve of your leg. The lightly reinforced toes look entirely sheer once on so you can wear these tights with strappy sandals for a bare-legged look.

Perfectly even colour and an entirely matt finish add to the impression of quality and sophistication.

Sizing is spot on, and even the Large size with its comfort gusset fits and feels just right.

There is a slight roughness to the surface, but that does help to remind you that you are wearing tights; who but you will be running your hands over them anyway?

Excellent tights that given the recent price increases from other brands are a great value.

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