Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Tights


CDR Hyde Park Tights are the way to go!

There was a time when hosiery meant stockings and stockings intended a seam down the back of the leg. Back then the seam was a necessity; now even though tights, pantyhose and stockings can be made, and frequently are made, without a seam, the seam still appears as a design feature from time to time. We love seamed tights, partly because of the way they look and somewhat because they vary so much that we always have plenty to write about. So how about this style from Cecilia de Rafael?

No too many clues from the packet, but we do like the fact that there is a full range of five sizes to fit heights up to a lofty 190cm and weights up to 94kg.

As for details, there is a very light reinforced toe, lower denier than the rest of the tights but with double the stitch density giving a more sheer effect. Shaped at the heel but not enhanced. Sheer to waist with flat seams in the panty. Smaller sizes have a cotton lined gusset, the largest size, as tested, has the comfort gusset/rear panel. The seam runs all the way from just behind the toe to the waistband.

The worst thing that can happen with any seamed hosiery is a crooked seam. No such problems here set the seam centrally under your foot, and as you smooth the tights up your legs, the seam will run perfectly straight. The comfort gusset in size five does cause the seam to deviate outwards at the very top of the leg but that should we a fact concealed under your skirt.

Sizing is spot on and fit is excellent, compromised on the largest size by the comfort gusset. Most ladies will only need sizes 1-4 so not a real issue.

20 denier with an even colour density throughout, an excellent background for showing off the seam. The seam is well defined and as close as you can get to a good seam in an averagely priced pair of tights. Just one tiny issue; a short but clear line between sandal toe and foot over the toes. An excellent example of seamed tights at a sensible price.

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