Cecilia de Rafael Gemini Tights


CDR Gemini Tights are a real gem!

Wow!..an unusual first reaction, brought on in this case because our preconception when opening a pair of 20 denier matt tights is that ‘they should be black or a shade of brown and not have a hint of purple’. While contemplating our reaction to the colour, we realised that we were running our fingers through the material. It was so smooth and soft it took a while to register!

Focusing on the construction; these are sheer to waist tights that are shaped at the heel and finished with pure reinforced toes. The toe detail is interesting because it looks sheerer than the leg rather than darker or heavier, there is a run stop detail to prevent holes in the toe going up into the leg.

The panty is finished with good quality flat seams; there is just the narrowest band of reinforcement either side of the seams, contiguous with the finger band. Being a size four, our test pair has a comfort gusset (7cm wide full at the waist) rather than a cotton lined gusset; the larger size 5 has a more prominent comfort gusset (14 cm wide at the waist). The waistband is about 3cm thick, the only clever thing about it is the knitted in size code made up of vertical stripes on each hip.

The quality of these tights is apparent as soon as you start to put them on, not only is the heel-shaped but the leg narrows at the ankle to ensure a perfect fit and provides just a touch of support.   Sizing is spot on, with enough stretch and strength to allow you to take a few liberties if you can only find a size that should be too small for you according to the chart.

The finish on the leg is called “matt” by the makers, but you have to realise that their glossy tights are very glossy, so these matt tights have a luxurious satin sheen to them. Smooth and soft to the touch they feel as good as they look.

And that initial reaction to the colour? Forgotten, in fact, once stretched on a leg the purple is much diminished giving a just a hint of extra colour to what is mostly a mid brown.

Perfect tights for any occasion and highly recommended in any colour.

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