Aristoc Wet Look Tights


Aristoc Wet Look Tights are the way to go!

These tights create a very good first impression; smooth and soft to the touch, cool and glossy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. Well made with flat seams in the brief, a cotton lined gusset; sheer to waist for wear with all lengths of skirts and shorts.

Made in two sizes, S/M and M/L, both for heights 5’3” to 5’10”, the smaller for hips 34” – 42” the larger for 42” – 48”. It is a little confusing that these sizes are larger than the Aristoc sizing for their sensuous seam-free tights we also looked at today. The straight legs of these tights do look very long. In fact, they were so long that they were too long to give a good fit on any of our ladies.   The fact that both sizes are supposedly sized for the same range of heights is worrying.

As the ultimate test of size we had our webmaster (6’5”, 16 stone, big feet..well you get the picture) have a try of them. Even on his substantial frame the legs were some two inches longer than required!

The sizing is a great pity as the look and feel of these tights is gorgeous. They feel as though they would last all winter too they are so well made.

We then got a second pair of these tights to look at and we are happy to say that the sizing issue appears to have been resolved. Still quite generous, but at least they are now sized for humans!

With the sizing resolved we could get a better idea of the other features. Very comfortable to wear except for the toe detail that needed a little fiddling to get the toe seam where is was neither visible nor an irritation. A good, even colour, although we did notice a clear line down the inside and outside of each leg, possibly a result of the open packaging, as this enhanced rather than detracted from the look we can let it pass.

The weight both in look and feel is heavier than 100 denier suggests, these are totally opaque tights. The look the black pair was more satin than wet, certainly less wet look than the original purple pair and completely out done by the Religion Wet Look Leggings we received in the last few days.

As durable, satin finish heavy opaque tights these really work, but if you really want the high fashion wet look, then the leggings are the way to go even though they are close to double the price.

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  1. ty for the review great article these have been thinking about getting. The ones I like most as far as color are the purple ones unfortunately think that color has been discontinued and I love tights of color that have a variety of color choices.

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