Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights


Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights is another excellent staple Aristoc product!

Aristoc Ultra Shine is a classic style with a long history. As you will see from the packets and review below, it has been through a variety of packet designs over the years, but the concept, denier and fibre mix have stayed pretty consistent. Equally important, the price has remained pretty much the same as well.

In the latest incarnation, there are five colours; from a ‘barely there’ nude to a ‘dark tan’ illusion with black and barely black for winter and evenings. Unlike some Aristoc styles, the Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large sizing is maintained.

Sheer to waist with shaping in the leg at the heel and a lightly reinforced toe. The panty has a cotton lined gusset and flat seams. Either side of the seam is a narrow reinforced strip that continues into a finger band to give the transition to the waistband. You will notice that the toe is not an entirely sheer sandal toe as implied on the packet.

Sizing is accurate and, despite being only ten denier, you don’t feel there is any danger of ripping them if you stretch a little more than Aristoc intended. The fit is perfect, and the smooth, shiny legs have perfect even colour.

These tights should be a staple wardrobe item for anyone who likes a lit of shine on there hosiery, an instant classic.

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