Aristoc Ultra Satin Tights


Aristoc Ultra Satin could shine as great tights if they were slightly improved.

The new Aristoc range has been an overall improvement on that it replaces. That in itself was nicely made and good value. These tights feel smooth and soft in hand and look more beautiful than their quote on quote “20 Denier”.

Construction is good quality and contains excellent flat seams, a cotton lined gusset and sandal toes. The waistband is a little over 2 cm deep. The panty area is slightly darker than the legs, although it appears to be of the same weight. However, it is important to note that this boxer styling won’t suit everyone.

The satin finish is lovely and quite suitable for any time of day. Leg length looks good, and the body seems very long. The fit is perfect, with plenty of stretches, the body length may be a fraction too long for some

The light support makes these tights ideal for any event where you will be on your feet. Either at work where the subtle sheen will add a touch of elegance to a suitor at a party where the sandal toes mean, you can wear them with strappy shoes.

You can not see that these support tights by looking at them, and the grip on the leg is so subtle that you can not feel it at first either.

Good tights that would have been great tights, if they were genuinely sheer to waist.

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