Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights – Part 1


Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights are revolutionary!

Ultimate is something new from Aristoc, we have become accustomed to ‘Ultra’ as a name for their sheer tights. Something else unique about these tights is that they are the first we have seen from Aristoc that claim to be run resisting topical, as we have seen other makers releasing similar styles and one of our team recently starting having a lot of problems with ladders.

Not to be confused with Ultra Matte (later Ultra Natural) which was a 15 denier style. Ultimate Matt is pretty much as sheer as tights go these days at ten denier. At first, these tights don’t look so sheer but then you realise that, straight from the packet, even the large size seems quite small so that massive proportion of Lycra in the yarn will be doing a lot of stretching. Stretched over your hand, you can appreciate their lightness, stretch and strength.

As far as detailing goes, we can just about let Aristoc get away with claiming sheer toes, they are in fact reinforced but the reinforced part is only about 12 denier appearance and quite small. At the panty end, there is a cotton lined gusset and a reinforced area in the form of a very brief everyday panty that provides strength around the gusset and seams and a transition to the plain waistband. The seams in the panty are raised but well finished.

We are delighted to see Aristoc offer these tights in 3 sizes, the two size scheme these have used for some styles in the past tended to disappoint. The sizing is accurate with enough stretch to take a few liberties if you are more significant than the suggested sizes on the size chart. One small issue though is that the panty is very long, so the waistband is likely to sit above your waist, not tights to wear with hipster skirts or trousers. You may want to go down a size if you are near the size boundary.

The sheer material has a perfectly even matt finish and fits like a second skin and although not a smooth satin finish it is smoother and softer than other runs resist tights we have seen.

We can’t comment on the run resist technology as to date we have not had a small hole that could run, and these tights look and feel too lovely to damage them deliberately.

Excellent tights that deserve a place in your wardrobe for everyday wear.

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