Aristoc Sensuous Seamfree Tights


Aristoc Sensuous make up for the sizing with its exceptional quality!

Seamless tights are something we always look forward to seeing, expensive to make they appear all too infrequently. For a significant UK manufacturer to introduce a seamless style and a ten denier seamless at that, has caused a lot of excitement. So much to that, they jumped straight to the front of the queue for a review.

We were a little disappointed that Aristoc opted to make just two sizes, S/M and M/L. They are both made for heights 5’0” to 5’8” with the difference being the hip sizing; 36”-40” for the smaller size and 40”-44” for the larger. It is understandable though, much as we would like to see an extra long size for taller ladies manufacturing costs and sales volumes make this uneconomic.

The packaging gives no real clue that these are premium tights, and when you first open the packet you may think at first that you have just got a lace top hold up, then you notice that there are two legs!

Made in one piece from the very lightly reinforced toes to the delicious lacy waistband the construction of these tights is typical of other seamless tights, and like other seamless tights, they are made to the very best quality the manufacturer can achieve.

They feel very soft, and for a ten denier very strong too. It is lucky that they are strong as they look quite small and need to stretch a lot, and stretch they do, you can easily stretch them up a 36” leg. So good news for all the tall girls.

They feel soft on the leg and do fit like a second skin giving a nice even matt colour.

But back to sizing. That pretty lace waistband has very limited stretch, and our model with 42” hips could not get it past them. It seems like Aristoc has made a total mess of the sizing, or, as it entirely possible our test pair in an M/L packet were S/M size.

They are lovely tights that you should certainly try.

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