Aristoc Bodytoners Waist Toner


Aristoc Bodytoners Waist Toner is a must skip!

Please note: This is a waist shaper only, not tights.

Let us get this quite clear again…these are not tights! What they are, is a ‘waspie-style’ body shaper to improve your waist definition, designed to be worn with a pair of non-shaping tights.

Made in two sizes Small/Medium for UK dress sizes 8-12 and Medium/Large for UK dress sizes 14-18.

The construction is identical to the top part of the Aristoc Bodytoners Hourglass Toner Tights we recently reviewed.

The sizing is a little curious as it seems not to be the same as the tights, the waist toner being sized a little smaller than the tights.

We found that for anyone with hips. And any waist definition at all, the bottom welt of the waist toner had a habit of rolling upwards and leaving a clear line under your clothes.

Whereas our testers wanted to keep the Aristoc Bodytoners Hourglass Toner Tights, they couldn’t wait to take this garment off. Pay the extra few pounds and buy the tights!

But wait, there’s more!

As one of our ladies was trying to get out of the waist toner, she made an exciting discovery. Pull it down to that the welt is on your waist and the bottom band is below your bottom, and this garment does a very nice job of smoothing your tummy and bottom. Similar to a very short Lycra micro miniskirt.

Not what it was designed for, but it does an excellent job.

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