Aristoc Cotton Fresh Tights

Our reviewer was taken back several decades to when she first saw these tights. Apparently, they look a lot like tights from the 1970s! Of course, these are nothing like tights from that era, not least because back then there was no Lycra.


Aristoc Cable Opaque Tights

The cable pattern is attractive and being vertical accentuates the curves of your legs and makes them look slimmer too. Take care to get the lines running perfectly vertical though, as when they are twisted, they can look just plain wrong.


Jonathan Aston Animal Backseam Tights

We were not quite sure what to expect from an “animal backseam”, but it soon became apparent when we opened the packet. Consider a standard seamed stocking and then replace the sole, heel detail and seam with a pattern rather than a plain colour and widen the seam by a factor of about five and you start to get the idea.


Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Tights With Lycra

The 7% Lycra in the fibre gives a reasonable level of stretch so that even a 34” leg was covered comfortably. Once you have them on you can see that the panty section is different knit to the legs. This is only an issue if you plan to wear these tights with a very short skirt or shorts.