Aristoc Bodytoners High Leg Toner Tights

These tights give an excellent first impression, soft in hand, smooth to the touch and a beautiful sheen. More objectively the panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset, the sheer legs are slightly shaped at the heel and finished with a sandal toe.


Aristoc Floral Lace Pattern Tights

First impressions were pretty good. When you spend £12 on a pair of tights, it is comforting to feel something substantial when you slip them from the packet. As these are 100% nylon relying entirely on the knit stretch, they look enormous too.


Aristoc Crystalli Tights

Aside from the stud design, these are classic sheer to waist tights with flat seams in the panty and with reinforced material on either side of the central seam running into a finger band below the waistband. The toes are lightly reinforced.


Aristoc Cotton Fresh Tights

Our reviewer was taken back several decades to when she first saw these tights. Apparently, they look a lot like tights from the 1970s! Of course, these are nothing like tights from that era, not least because back then there was no Lycra.