Gracia Olya Tights

Gracia Olya 20 Tights

Gracia Olya 20 Tights are a rare pair of inexpensive tights! In case you wondered Olya is a variation on the girls’ name Olga. Here the name does not refer to an incredibly talented gymnast from the 1970s. But to the essential everyday tights from the Gracia range.

Gracia Natali 20 Tights

Golden Gracia Natali 20 Tights

The design of these tights is pretty standard with no surprises. The legs are made straight with a reinforced toe. The sheer legs are topped off with a boxer style brief. The signs of quality above the basic every day are the transition band between the legs and the panty.

Gracia Model Top 40 Tights

Golden Gracia Model Top 40 Tights

First impressions are excellent. These tights look and feel great as you take them on the card, smooth, soft and yet durable. The good impressions continue under more detailed examination the toes have a well-finished seam, and there is the smallest of reinforced toes, the legs are unshaped.