Fiore Isabella Tights

The description of these tights did not prepare us for what we first saw on taking them from the packet, although close inspection of the picture would have given a clue. The crystal is perhaps intended to emphasise the rest of the ankle motif, but we found that the rest was so subtle.


Fiore Idalia Tights

We usually talk about value for money at the end of our review, but the £2.40 price tag on these tights seems entirely out of step with the quality of the packaging and the artwork. The packet design is not only classy and attractive from the front but full of information on the back too.


Fiore Graciana Tights

Ever since we first saw Fiore tights, they have offered high quality at very reasonable prices, as time has gone by they have added some great designs to their range without following the general upward trend of hosiery prices.  So what about Graciana?


Fiore Forte Tights

We approach this review with some trepidation, as our past experiences with run resisting tights has been mixed. They either feel awful to wear or fail entirely at one of the seams when ordinary tights would have got a salvageable run.