Fiore Valeria Tights

Fiore is continually coming up with new and exciting designs; here they have produced a new slant on the concept of back seamed hosiery by adding a rope-inspired design down the back of a 20 denier sheer tight. As part of the design, they have incorporated metallic yarn.


Fiore Talisa Tights

Fiore continues to come up with designs putting a new slant on the classic sheer, Fiore Talisa tights sport a bold stripe down the outside of each leg…and sport is the right word as sportswear is the inspiration behind the design.


Fiore Raula Tights

These tights come from Fiore’s Elite collection that up to now has been very impressive. This particular offering is a glossy 40 denier style which comes in a variety of colours; in the case of our test sample plum.


Fiore Palome Tights

We were delighted when the UK importer of Fiore tights and stockings got back in touch with the offer of a new range to review; Fiore has consistently provided high quality and fantastic value for money. Fiore Palome Tights are from the “Elite” range that we have not seen previously.


Fiore Nicole Tights

The “feature” of these tights is that they combine the look of fashion leggings with fit and comfort of tights with a foot. Once on your legs, these tights do look like leggings, and they have a striking flowery pattern going from the ankle up to the finger band.


Fiore Marisa Tights

Microfibre is something we are used to seeing in opaque winter tights, but this 20 denier offering from Fiore’s Elite range brings this soft fibre to sheer hosiery. The fit is very close and comfortable with no bagging of sagging.


Fiore Maggie Tights

It is wrong to approach any review with preconceptions, yet we have seen so many styles from Fiore on the theme of sheer tights with an applied design that we almost feel we could write about these tights without opening the packet; but of course, we won’t!