Cette Vienna Seamed Tights

Cette Vienna Seamed Tights are from Cette’s “Fun” collection. “Fun” is a word that worries us, as it conjures up images of expensive, poorly made one size tights made for the bedroom (is that just us?). Anyways, no such concern here, these are pretty severe fashion tights that come in a range.


Cette Quebec Semi Opaque Tights

Cette is one of the dark horses of the hosiery industry; it is easy to forget until you slip a pair of their tights from the packet just how nicely they are made and the impression of quality they give. Sheer to waist, entirely shaped legs and a smooth, soft feel in hand…gorgeous!


Cette Long Beach Tights

This season sees a resurgence of sheer natural hosiery, and this style from Cette promises all you could wish for from tights trying to give you that “is she or isn’t she?” bare legged look…ultra fine, matte finish, sheer to waist and sandal toe. So does it deliver?


Cette Leopardi Tights

Leopard prints are going to be something that you either love or hate. All we would say is that one leopard print in a single outfit is enough, mix different leopard prints, and the look just won’t work.


Cette Helsinki Hold Ups

The sharp-eyed reader will have noticed that these are stockings rather than tights. This is not the first time we have reviewed stockings, but it may be the last. We hope to open in the very near future, and all stockings reviews will be there.


Cette Dublin Opaque Tights

We find ourselves testing these opaque tights in the spring when we would hope to be looking at summer ranges, but with the British weather, opaques can be part of your wardrobe at almost any time of the year.


Cette Dijon Tights

This may not look spectacular but it does save on waste packaging and from a practical point of view, it means you can keep the box with two spare pairs in your office, in your car or even in your handbag if you are following the fashion for large bags.