Cervin Paris Place Vendome Tights

Cervin Paris Place Vendome Tights

These are incredibly light and sheer tights made entirely sheer to waist with lightly reinforced heels and toes, fully fashioned in the style of silk stockings. The seams in the panty are flat and very nicely made, and there is a lined gusset.


Cervin Paris Pauline Tights

Cervin is never scared to be bold, and these tights are designed like no other we have seen before. It has to be said that these tights did feel a little rough in the hands when we first took them out of the packet, but as soon as open them out, we were more interested in looking that touching.


Cervin Paris Opera Tights

If pictures on packets were the only criteria, these tights would be the best… what beautiful legs! When you first see these tights on their card they look like they will be smooth and soft, so the first touch is quite a surprise, really quite rough.


Cervin Paris Esprit Couture Tights

Thank you to Cervin Paris for providing the original artwork photo below to show how these tights look on the leg. We liked the Esprit Couture stockings, so we have high hopes for the tights. Unlike the stockings, the tights contain 20% Lycra.


Cervin Paris Emilie Luxe Tights

The quality of these tights is apparent on the card. As you take them off the cardboard, they naturally flow. Ever so soft and smooth in hand. This is the scalloped top design that we have seen on Gerbe and Fogal tights as well as other premium styles from Cervin.


Cervin Paris Christina Tights

The main body of the tights is the combination of sheer and fishnet in a single knitted pattern. This runs from the lightly reinforced toes all the way to the Cervin signature waistband. The legs are shaped, and the feet are decorated with an attractive design.


Cervin Paris Burano Tights

You certainly can’t accuse Cervin of playing safe with the design of these tights, but of course, high fashion is a feature of Cervin Paris. Opening the tights out we could immediately feel the difference between the thick textured lower leg and the smooth, sheer upper leg and panty.