Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Tights

First impressions are very positive; very light, soft and smooth in hand with an attractive sheen and sparkle. A strong contender both regarding quality and price, right up with Falke Seidenglatt and Kunert Moonlight 15 Tights on our all-time favourites list.


Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Tights

They may look small but there is an endless stretch, and that makes them a delight to put on. When you release the material, it merges with your skin to give a finish like oil or an excellent varnish. All shine and colour, very little tights.


Cecilia de Rafael Rubino 40 Tights

Although not designed as support tights, you can feel a delicate squeeze on your lower leg as you put them on and this will help keep your legs fresh during the day sitting or standing. The Lycra in fibre provides a perfect fit and plenty of stretch.


Cecilia de Rafael Miami Tights

Some tights are made for a specific season, and some go further and even tell you on the packet which season. These, in particular, are summer tights. It is a bright sunny day, and we didn’t need any more excuses to try them.


Cecilia de Rafael Hyde Park Tights

There was a time when hosiery meant stockings and stockings intended a seam down the back of the leg. Back then the seam was a necessity; now even though tights, pantyhose and stockings can be made, and frequently are made, without a seam, the seam still appears as a design feature from time to time.