Luisa Maria Lugli 20 Denari Tights


Luisa Maria Lugli 20 Denari are a must-wear!

It is not often that we approach a pair of tights with no idea what to expect, but this is a fantastic sample we have seen from Luisa Maria.

The packet notes fill us with hope, and it is good to see a brand still using four sizes rather than the increasingly common 2. The large size has a comfort gusset/back panel rather than the cotton gusset of the smaller sizes.

First impressions are excellent, and these 20 denier tights feel light, smooth and soft. Detailing is good too, with a sheer reinforced toe and a run stop so that holes in the toes don’t become ladders in the leg. The legs are shaped at the heel.

Sheer to waist construction with flat seams in the panty. There is just a narrow band of heavy material to give strength around the seams, which is contiguous with the finger band. In the large size, the rear panel is the same heavyweight. The waistband is quite deep at 3.5 cm.

The sizing is accurate with enough stretch to go beyond the suggested sizing, but note that both the medium and large sizes are recommended to fit heights up to 5’8”. If you are tall or very long in the leg then sadly these tights are not for you.

The fit is excellent, and the finish is flawless, smooth to the touch and just a hint of shine to catch the eye. It is indeed a brand we want to see more of!

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