Jonathan Aston Animal Backseam Tights


Jonathan Aston Produce Another Great Quality Product!

We were not quite sure what to expect from an “animal backseam”, but it soon became apparent when we opened the packet. Consider a standard seamed stocking and then replace the sole, heel detail and seam with a pattern rather than a plain colour and widen the seam by a factor of about five and you start to get the idea. The pattern on this Jonathan Aston product repeats in the finger band that provides a transition from the sheer body to the waistband.

The seam detail aside, the construction is what you would expect of a quality sheer tight. The straight legs are finished with a sandal toe detail, and the panty has both flat seams and a lined gusset.

There are two sizes, and the sizing is entirely accurate. The weight of the material feels heavier and stronger than the ten denier description would suggest and there are enough strength and stretch to go a little beyond the recommended sizing. These are well fitting and comfortable tights.

Our test pair was in the purple shade pictured. However, there is alternative to black. The colour is perfectly even and, unusually for sheer tights, is quite vibrant too.

Of course, the main design feature of these tights is the seam and heel detail. The heel detail sits well even if you have larger than average feet and we had no problems getting the seam to sit and stay straight. Jonathan Aston calls the design animal, but we are not sure what animal they had in mind. To us, it looks far more like a kind of camouflage pattern; either way, it looks good.

Jonathan Aston continues to produce tights that combine imaginative design and high-quality manufacture.

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