Gerbe Butterfly Tights

Gerbe Butterfly Tights

Gerbe Butterfly Tights is good but doesn’t quite reach it…

At first, these tights look just like standard slightly bright semi-sheer Gerbe tights. This isn’t a bad thing at all.

They feel delightfully smooth and soft in hand, almost like stretchy silk.

When you open them out, you notice that the shaped legs are decorated with a butterfly motif on the outside of each calf. The motif is repeated above each shaped heel.

The waistband is the very high quality that we expect from Gerbe complete with Gerbe motif.

The panty is of the high leg style, with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. This style is an excellent alternative to true sheer to the waist, as it allows the tights to be worn without underwear but maintains the appearance of sheer to waist even with a very short skirt.

The fit is excellent, and the sizing is in line with the published size chart. There is not much extra stretch, so if you fall outside the chart, we suggest you give these tights a miss. That would be a pity because these tights feel lovely on the leg, and they have a satin lustre that is a pleasure to look at.

Not everything is perfect though. We were not convinced by black butterflies on beige tights, choose your colour combination carefully. The invisible reinforced toes were beautifully made and designed to last; sadly they are not invisible!

Lovely tights, but we would I think prefer them without the butterfly. We will endeavour to identify and test the style they are based on.

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