Gatta Laura 40 Tights


Gatta Laura 40 Tights are the number one tights you need!

40 denier is a fascinating weight of hosiery, too heavy to be called sheer and too sheer to be called opaque. If you are American, the problem is even more severe because they are too sheer to be called tights and somewhat too heavy to be called pantyhose, but in the UK these are semi-opaque tights.

Does tricky to name equate to tricky to wear? Not at all, in our opinion from a fashion perspective; unless you are looking for a completely bare legged look, you could wear 40 denier tights as part of an outfit that would typically include sheer or opaque tights.

We often end a review with consideration of price, but £3.50 (reduced to £2.25 in 2013) is so reasonable it deserves mention straight away. To get to this price there have been compromises with detailing, of course, you get entirely straight legs with a lightly reinforced toe and a boxer style brief. The brief does include an unlined gusset, but you don’t get flat seams at this price.

Unlike many budget tights that are one-size, this style comes in 4 sizes, (2-5) with sizing guidance provided regarding height, weight and hip measurement. Sizing is on the generous side for length and accurate for hip measurement so we would suggest you look at a combination of hip measurement and height when selecting (ignoring weight), go down a size if you are borderline. Size 4 will give a better fit than Size 5 thanks to the gusset.

The look on the leg is stunning; our test pair came in “beige” this was a much deeper and richer tan than this name suggests. The colour is perfectly even, and thanks to the vibrant colour and high denier minor skin imperfections are easily concealed.

The panty fits well and is opaque enough to remove the need for other underwear, but it does come a down the leg so take great care when wearing with shorts or short skirts, you don’t want to have it showing.

Great looking legs at a sensible price and durable too, excellent value.

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