Gatta Gisele Tights


Gatta Gisele Tights are exceptional!

Gatta love to take everyday sheers and embellish them with additional details, the Gisele styles carry a simple motif over the foot and up the outside of each calf, the 07 variations having a vine and flower motif in the same colour as the tights.

The base tights are matt finish, sheer to waist tights made with a sandal toe, straight legs, flat seams with reinforcement either side and a lined gusset. Not T-band as there is no finger band connecting the waistband. Soft to the touch, good, even colour.

It seems almost that we are damning these tights with faint praise, but after reviewing several pairs of Gatta tights over the past few days, they are all merging into one, and to say much more would be to risk repeating ourselves.

We should repeat our advice on the sizing. The chart uses weight, height and hip size; our opinion is it is best to select by hip size rather than looking for your height to pick a size. Sizing then is accurate and fit good. Durable tights that feel less soft on your leg than they do in your hand.

Cute tights at a sensible price that offer an exciting alternative to plain sheers. Sensibly priced at £5.99

Gatta has always provided excellent value and consistent quality with their 20 denier fashion sheer tights. Just choose the pattern that suits your look and style, and they won’t let you down.

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