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Fogal Opaque Tights are fantastic for their price!

Fogal provides not just a size chart on their tights packets but also a sheerness chart, with tights rated as opaque, semi-opaque, sheer and ultra-sheer. We applaud this as a much better idea than a small number with a denier rating. It is curious that a style rated as semi-opaque, and we concur with this 30 denier is indeed semi-opaque, should be given the style name “Opaque”.

Fogal makes these tights in six sizes; the usual Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L) that are pretty much common across all brands. There are three extra sizes, M/L, XL and XXL for ladies who are the right height for M or L but require a little more generous fit in the hips.

Two things strike you when you open the packet, firstly these tights look and feel much more opaque than gloss finish 30 denier tights we have seen from the likes of Charnos and Wolford, and secondly, they look very short indeed.

Construction is sheer to waist with a little shaping at the heels of what are otherwise straight legs. The waistband is the usual signature waistband from Fogal that looks classy and works perfectly. We were surprised to see that the seams in the brief and around the gusset were raised seams, far more common on cheaper hosiery and unseen on Fogal up to now. The sandal toes are finished with a much higher quality seam.

They say “The proof is in the pudding” and here we have to say that you only appreciate these tights once you put them on. There is plenty of stretch, and even though Fogal can tend to be shorter in the leg than some brands even taller ladies will find these a good fit. Once stretched on your leg the look is sheerer than expected, more semi-opaque in fact, and there is a subtle sheen to the finish.

Soft and smooth to the touch you will want to cross and uncross your legs all day to enjoy the feel.

We would have liked to see flat seams in £21.50 tights, but of course, this is almost a budget price for Fogal, and the tights look and feel great. Sturdy and well made too of course.

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  1. After reading this review am going to get a pair or two of these. They sound magnificent and will look to see about color choices I love wearing colored tights the fit and feel is important to me.

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