Couture Sheer Shine Tights


Couture Sheer Shine Tights is disappointing…

The Couture Indulgent Hosiery collection has three styles of sheer tights, Sheer 10 and Sheer 15 have a matt finish, and this style completes the set at 15 denier with a gloss finish. Some of our favourite tights of all time are 15 denier gloss finish, it is the sweet spot between too sheer to be durable and too heavy to give a bare-legged look, and the gloss tights tend to be the most durable and so the best value for money. Prices at £1.45 more than Falke Seidenglatt these tights will not only have to be right; they will have to be exceptional.

One small issue is that at the time of writing the only colours available are smoke and cocoa; there is no black and no natural shade.

Oh dear! The description on the box sounded great, but the tights are just not as described. Firstly they are not sheer to waist “all sheer panty section” meant sheer to waist with the other two styles in the range, but these have a matt finish boxer style brief. Our test pair, which is supposed to be Large, has the Extra Large style’s comfort gusset and a boxer style panty. Secondly, the seams in the panty are not flat they are just regular machine sewn seams.

The legs are as described, a lightly reinforced toe detail, shaped at the heel, shiny and quite light for 15 denier.

If this is a simple case of mispacking and this is what the Extra size is like, then avoid the Extra size and look for another brand if you need the size. Sadly we have no way of knowing if the smaller sizes do match the description on the box.

The fit and finish on the legs are very good, and the sizing is accurate but the way this XL pair is styled it is competing with supermarket tights at a quarter of the price. The finish has some shine, but it is quite subtle.

We will try to get a Large pair first to see if it is just the XL you need to avoid.

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