Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights – Part 2


Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights are still as sturdy as ever!

Note: This is part 2 of the Aristoc Ultimate Matt Tights, done after the redesign.

So how does the new design stand up to inspection?

Well, good news on sizing to start off with no fewer than four sizes to choose from covering heights from 5’0” to 6’0” and hip measurements from 34” to 54”. For those of you of a metric disposition that is heights of 152-183cm and hips from 86-137cm. There is guidance on weight too, but hip and height are more useful measures. There is some overlap as regards the heights each size will cope with but the hip measurements are in clear steps. To get the last 2” or 5cm of height, you need the biggest hip size, a pity for tall, slender girls if the sizing is accurate.

£12 for a ten denier sheer tight and no inner bag! Plus the card the tights are on carries a picture of the old packaging. Not a great first impression.

In detail, these tights are made with unshaped legs and a great unreinforced sandal toe. The panty features flat seams and a cotton lined gusset; for strength, there is T-band reinforcement either side of the seam and below the waistband.

All in all, a very significant change from the past version and far better detailing.

We tested the large size as this was the one correctly sized for our model’s hips, although for height extra large would have been appropriate. The soft sheer material has masses of stretch and length was no problem, our recommendation is to buy based entirely on hip size for optimum fit.

Soft and sheer these tights may be, but you never feel there is any danger of them ripping or holing. Regarding fit, feel and overall impression of quality we would have to like them to the very best seamless tights.

Aristoc has excelled themselves with this design, they feel sublime, and they look as good as they feel, perfect even colour from hip to toe.

Will they resist runs? Well, we are not prepared to hold a pair to find out, they are just too lovely. But they feel robust. The Lycra fusion technology seems to have overcome the past problem where run resisting tights just never looked or felt as good a regular tights.

If ten denier is your thing, you should buy these tights in bulk. We can’t wait to try the Aristoc 5 denier Ultimate Sheer!

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