Aristoc 15 Denier Ruched Backseam Tights


Aristoc Ruch Backseam are an unlikely great product!

There is no clue when you open the packet that these are anything other than standard sheer tights. It is only when you unwrap them from the card do you notice that the unshaped legs have a stripe around 1cm wide, running from heel to waistband.

Construction is sheer to waist with sandal toes, straight legs, flat seams in the panty, and a cotton lined gusset with a plain waistband.

There are just two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large both designed for heights 4’10” to 5’10” with only the hip measurement differentiating.

Stretching these tights out to put them on you are struck by the fact that the material feels a little coarse. On the leg, the finish of these tights is more of a delicate tulle than a sheer. The sizing is accurate, and there are enough strength and stretch to go a little beyond the suggested sizing if you need to.

Take care if you have a sharp nail though, as while the material is durable, the individual fibres are not and it is easy to catch and get a pull, which will spoil the good, even colour or even cause a hole. On the upside, these tights seem resistant to runs. The fit is excellent, and the seam runs straight and right (on the leg it is between 1.5cm and 2cm wide depending on your leg shape). Unlike many “false” seam designs, it works.

A great alternative to traditional seams and everyday sheer that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

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