Aristoc Micro Fibre 40 Opaque Tights


Aristoc Micro Fibre 40 Opaque Tights aren’t cheap but are worth it.

We took Aristoc to task when we reviewed the 80 denier version of these tights for proudly putting “England” on the front of the packet “British” on the back and “made in Italy” in the small print. The same comments apply here, come on Aristoc your new Ultimate sheers are made in England, so why not your opaques?

To the good news. Aristoc finally seem to be moving away from the two size system where sizes S, M & L gave way to SM and ML; now they have three sizes SM, ML and XL. The three sizes are intended to fit a range of heights from 5’0” to 6’0” (152cm – 183cm) and weights from 97lb to 224lb (44kg-102kg).  Helpfully they also provide guidance on hip measurement, 34” to 54” (86cm -137cm). The largest size is for the big girls, and that we applaud.

At first glance, there is little to justify the premium price tag of these tights. Soft to the touch but not exceptionally so, slightly heavier than we would have expected from 40 denier hosiery and very merely detailed. Straight legs finished with a reinforced toe detail, sheer to waist, flat seams and a cotton lined gusset, topped off with a thick plain waistband.

There is nothing really to make this £15 pair of tights stand out from a £6 pair other than the sheer to waist construction until you put them on that is. There merely is masses of stretch which we found translated mostly into extra length if you need it. Our tip on sizing is select on hip size only and let the stretch deal with the rest.

The stretch translates into a very close figure-hugging fit with no bagging or sagging at knee and ankle.

Ever so smooth and soft to the touch the finish on these tights is as pleasing to the hand as to the eye. Visually the finish it near perfect with flawless even colour and an utterly matt finish. Not quite a true opaque but on the darker end of semi-opaque.

Very classy tights that look great and will keep you just that little bit warmer than sheers. A bit steeply priced perhaps, but if they last well that could be forgiven.

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