Aristoc Bodytoners Invisible Toner Tights


Aristoc Bodytoners Invisible Tights are great but do face a few issues.

A note on sizing…The Aristoc Bodytoners range is sized quite differently to regular tights. All sizes are designed for heights 4-10” to 5’10” with only your hip measurement/dress size determining the size you require. You may find that although you usually wear large tights, you can wear the Small/Medium in this range.

Controlling and shaping tights fall into two distinct types, those that look like they are made for the job like the Aristoc Bodytoner Hourglass Tights, and the far more rare type that look like classic sheer to waist tights. These fall into the second group.

Indeed, when you first handle them, there is no clue that they are designed to control and shape, they look and feel like any other 15 denier sheer to waist tights. The body seams are flat, there is a cotton lined gusset, and they are topped off with a 3 cm broad waistband that carries the Aristoc logo.

The legs are slightly shaped at the heel and finished with sandal toes.

The legs looked very short, but there was enough stretch in the Medium/Large pair to fit a UK size 16 with a 34” leg. The colour on the leg is very even, and there is a subtle pearl sheen. The fit is perfect, with no bagging at knee or ankle.

These tights do not shape as firmly as the other tights in the range, but that may be partly because the others we tested were the smaller size. It is no bad thing anyway, as not everyone likes the constrictive of my patterned control hosiery.

Although the look on the leg is very smooth, almost glossy, there is a coarseness to the finish if you run your hands over them; not a huge issue though if you are wearing them. On the plus side, these are great looking, comfortable tights that seem to be fantastically durable. If you only need a little shaping, these are the ideal solution, and even your closest friends won’t notice.

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