Aristoc Floral Lace Pattern Tights


Aristoc Floral Lace Pattern Tights fit well and is gorgeous!

Aristoc makes these tights in two sizes, both to fit heights 4’10” to 5’10” (147-178 cm) with the Small/Medium size fitting hips 34”-42” (86-107 cm) and the Medium/Large size fitting hips 42” – 48”  (107-122 cm). Just like the Model T Ford car you can have any colour you like so long as it is black. We tested the larger size.

First impressions were pretty good. When you spend £12 on a pair of tights, it is comforting to feel something substantial when you slip them from the packet. As these are 100% nylon relying entirely on the knit stretch, they look enormous too.

Construction is quite simple on the first inspection; then you notice that there is no seam at the toe, and you realise that the seam up the back of each leg is not a decoration, but it is the actual construction seam. These seams like the seams in the panty and around the unlined gusset are raised and well finished. Flat seams clearly would not work as a feature on the legs so we can forgive the absence of flat seams in the panty too, as it would make no sense to mix two seaming methods in one pair of tights.

The lace design is in the form of climbing flowers. The lace covers the entire garment except for the waistband. The waistband is beautifully detailed and on a par with Gerbe, Wolford and Fogal.

The trick when putting these tights on is to make sure that you get the seam straight under your foot and over the middle of your heel. Do this, and you will be rewarded with a straight seam up the back of your leg.

There is far more stretch than we anticipated, so the larger size could easily cope with a 34” leg. The sizing in the panty is spot on. Of course with quite heavy material and no Lycra there is some tendency to bunch behind the knee when you are seated, but this in no way detracts from the look. The waistband is very useful so you should not spend your evening pulling your tights back up.

These are tights for the evening rather than the working day. If you haven’t bought your hosiery for your Christmas parties yet then look no further.

Our tip: Wear over a pair of glossy sheers for a little more warmth and a healthy glow through the lace. Or for an eye-catching look wear over a pair of bright coloured sheers.

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