Aristoc Crystalli Tights


Aristoc Crystalli Tights are well made, but a little pricey.

These are sheer to waist tights styled with a twist on the classic seamed tights idea, a vertical crystal pattern on the back of each leg.

The tights we would estimate at 15 denier, they are well made with a broad waistband for comfort and a finger band and reinforcement either side of the flat seams in the panty for strength. The dot-dash-dot pattern of bright metal studs will cover just 9”-10” on your calf, eye-catching but not so stylish as a full-length seam design.

Aside from the stud design, these are classic sheer to waist tights with flat seams in the panty and with reinforced material on either side of the central seam running into a finger band below the waistband. The toes are lightly reinforced.

Both sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large are sized for heights 4’10” to 5’10” with just the hip sizes varying between them. Christina tested the smaller size and found the sizing and fit to be good. This time we tried the larger size and found the fit to be good and the sizing accurate to generous, if you are borderline between sizes, you may prefer the smaller.

Perhaps a little overpriced at £9.00 but they will get your legs noticed.

The packet photo must be a pre-production sample, perhaps too expensive to put into production.

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