Aristoc Cotton Sheen Opaque Tights


Aristoc Cotton Sheen Tights are expensive but well worth it!

Aristoc has wholly reinvented their range of opaque tights for this season with many of the previous products moving over to the Pretty Polly range (yes Aristoc and Pretty Polly do share an owner).

The first thing to say about the new opaque tights from Aristoc is that they are made in Italy and much more expensive than we are used to, up in what was once exclusively Wolford territory.

Aristoc has been using just two sizes for a while now, in common with many other manufacturers, as this reduces the number of items in their inventory by 33% so reducing costs and supply chain issues. We thought when we saw our test pair arrive in Medium/Large that they were staying with this policy but then noticed that Small/Medium & Medium/Large are now joined by Extra Large to fit up to 6’0” and 54” hips. So back to three sizes with big tall girls catered for appropriately. Well done Aristoc!

The sheen on these tights reminds us of previous styles from Aristoc; it has an almost liquid quality, that they have done with cotton rich tights is very clever. Inside the texture is fleecy and promises to keep you warm, outside a sexy but subtle sheen.

Texture and finish are constant from behind the reinforced toe (with run stop) all the way to the simple waistband. There is no shaping to the legs. The panty feature flat seams and a light gusset, no sense lining it as the tights are cotton anyway.

Natural fibre tights can sometimes struggle to provide an even colour and finish, but Aristoc has overcome that particular issue. There is an excellent choice of colours too, black, brown and, our favourite, purple. Perfect for the season.

The fit is excellent, and sizing is spot on, with enough length if you are leggy for your height. Very comfortable to wear you feel wrapped up and cosy while looking very stylish.

Worth £20? Yes, every penny. You indeed should buy two pairs in each colour, as you will want to wear them on every cold day and will have to take them off to wash them!

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