Aristoc Cotton Fresh Tights


Aristoc Cotton Fresh Tights are an average call back to the 70s.

Our reviewer was taken back several decades to when she first saw these tights. Apparently, they look a lot like tights from the 1970s!

Of course, these are nothing like tights from that era, not least because back then there was no Lycra.

The knit of the legs does have a superficial resemblance to that used in “micromesh” tights from that era, and this does have the benefit of making them very soft to the touch. The legs are straight and feel far sheerer than 20 denier. The panty is of the boxer type and our test pair being extra large there is a rear comfort panel and a generous cotton lining in the gusset area. Smaller sizes just gave a cotton gusset. The toes are reinforced as are the soles of the feet, the feet also being cotton lined.

The look on the legs is matt and entirely unremarkable. The fit is OK, and the sizing is by the size charts, but these are not tight fitting tights.

While there will be some more mature ladies of a fuller figure, who would wear nothing else we could see nothing remarkable in these tights to justify paying £4.50 a pair.

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