Aristoc Chain Backseam Tights


Aristoc Chain Backseam Tights is a good quality product, and worth the price

These tights, or instead their packaging caused quite a bit of comment when they arrived here, so much so that we ended up reviewing them straight away.

Firstly, there is what they did not say, which is that there is no mention anywhere of the denier.

Then there is what they did say; “Knitted using luxury yarns then hand finished and packed in our factory in Derbyshire, England”. This seems a very clumsy way to say “knitted and hand finished in England using luxury yarns”, but that is not actually what it says at all. We have a sneaking suspicion that the knitting may not be done in England at all, and the fact there is no “made in” anywhere only adds to our suspicions. We would rather like English brands to knit their tights in England, and if they are knitted in Italy (reasonably good quality) or China (not as good quality), we would like to know.

As for the tights, they are sized to fit heights of 4’10” to 5’10 (147-178cm) with the two available sizes defined by hip measurements, 34”-42” (86-107cm) for Small/Medium and 42”-48” (107-122cm) for Medium/Large.

Legs are straight and finished with a reinforced toe, the chain seam detail in Lurex thread runs from the back of the toe, under the foot and up to the top of the thigh. The panty is a classic low leg brief cut, some 40 denier in weight and finished with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. Smooth and soft, there is an impression of quality throughout.

Our general preference for sheer hosiery is sheer to waist, but here the big panty is the right way to go. It provides more strength and structure to the top of the tights and that in turn helps to get the seams straight; it also makes more sense than running the Lurex chain detail to the waist and provided a natural break. Designed as party tights that might be worn with short dresses having the opaque top solves the underwear problem, you don’t need any! The top gives a very smooth silhouette and will preserve modesty should the need arise.

The sheer legs have a great, even colour and the chain seam is the best use of Lurex that we have seen to date, making it look classy and expensive.

Sizing is spot on, and the fit is perfect. It is well worth the £12.50 asking price; this is a must-have accessory for that little black dress and killer patent heels in the upcoming party season.

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  1. These look great love the idea of the chain back seam Have only one pair at moment with a back seam first time I tried a back seam didn’t look right hard to get the seam straight. Second time I used a mirror to get the seam right will get better at it I just want the seam to look good on..

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