Aristoc Cashmere Blend Opaque Tights


Aristoc Cashmere Blend Tights are expensive but well worth it!

With last year’s range of Aristoc opaque tights passed over to sister brand Pretty Polly, Aristoc has launched a new premium range at prices we are more used to seeing from the likes of Wolford.

£25 is a lot of money, but with the thermometer dipping below zero, the thought of cosy cashmere is too much to resist, even though it is only 8% of the yarn.

In keeping with the premium price, Aristoc makes their current range of opaque tights in three sizes, and they supply the tights in a classy box packet.

First impressions are, it must be said, instead of socks, both in look and feel, but very soft good quality socks.

Detailing is very straightforward with average weight and finish from hip to toe and no shaping in the legs. The panty has good quality flat seams, and there is a cotton lined gusset that is far lighter than the tights.

Our test pair came in the medium size intended to fit up to 5’10” (178cm) tall and 48” (122cm) hips. They looked small but turned out to offer masses of a stretch, so that they comfortably fit a 35” leg (a lot for a girl of 5’10”). Our suggestion would be to use the hip sizing as a guide rather than the height sizing.

The fit is exceptional for heavy natural fibre tights, making these very comfortable tights indeed.

Colour density is surprisingly good even for a natural fibre. It can’t compete for sexiness with nylon, but the look is classy and will go with autumn and winter fashions perfectly.

Worth the money? Yes, absolutely. A couple of pairs of these tights will keep you feeling warm and cosy and looking stylish all through the winter months.

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