Aristoc Cable Opaque Tights


Aristoc Cable Opaque Tights are perfect for those cold winter nights!

If you see a pair of cable knit tights called “Aristoc Soft Tights” on the front of the packet, pick them up and turn them over and in small print on the back label, you will see they are called Cable Opaque Tights. We have no idea either; it is just the way they are labelled.

The paper wrapping does not quite qualify as a packet, but mainly serves to keep the tights on the little hanger with which they are supplied and to give somewhere for the size chart, fibre composition and washing instructions. There are just two sizes both intended for heights of 4’10 to 5’10” (147-178 cm) with Small/Medium catering for hips 34”-42” (86-107 cm) and Medium/Large covering hip 42”-48” (107-122 cm).

Construction is quite straightforward but of good quality. The straight legs are finished with a plain toe detail and the panty section, which has a ribbed texture, is finished with flat seams and a plain gusset.

Considering the fibre mix in the yarn, it is surprising that one does not get an impression of socks when handling the tights,  as they have the feel of soft regular opaque tights. The knit and the fibre combine to give it plenty of stretches as well.

We have been critical of Aristoc sizing in the past, but with this style, it is full marks. They will comfortably stretch to cope with a long leg (34”) but don’t take any liberties with hip measurements as the styling is quite slim. If you are at the lower end of the height range, you may find the Medium/Large size a bit long even if you do need that size for your hips.

The cable pattern is attractive and being vertical accentuates the curves of your legs and makes them look slimmer too. Take care to get the lines running perfectly vertical though, as when they are twisted, they can look just plain wrong.

Very warm and cosy, and comfortable we might add. As winter tights they keep you warm in style. These tights are an excellent choice.

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