Aristoc Bodytoners Hourglass Toner Tights – Part Two


 Aristoc Bodytoner Hourglass isn’t cheap, but well worth it!

Please Note: This is part two of Aristoc Bodytoner Hourglass review

I had never worn any tights like these before, with the panty designed to come up so high to just under your breastbone. For me, it initially raised a lot of questions about how comfortable and practical there are to wear. These were entirely answered fully after wearing them for a while.

Opening the packet for the first time you notice the panty is slightly larger than usual and not the most elegant with the compression band for the waist, seeing how sheer and elegant the legs looked to give me more confidence that these were going to look nice on.

Knowing how difficult some control top tight is to put on I was initially concerned about laddering the sheer legs while putting them on, the legs in these had a lot more stretch than many tights and went on like a dream. The insert card contains a few pointers to put them on and advises you to stand up which made it a lot easier.

It was strange I have to say putting the panty right up over your waist and realising how high it comes up. You can feel them on and pull you in a little; I soon realised that there was little movement around the lower rib cage and this is, why combined with the elastic welt, they stayed up very well for me even after 6 hours of wearing.

I do not think they would be a direct replacement for traditional foundation wear like a girdle or corset, then how many ladies wear those these days? For a modern alternative there was a small reduction in my waist and indeed smoothed out a few bulges.

These are great to wear with a close fitting evening dress; I would say they do not look like the most romantic hosiery ever. The legs of these tights are very sheer and yet durable, with a very silky finish, as close to silk as I have felt without it being silk on my legs. The control element of these tights is noticeable without being constrictive.

Once you get over the concept of wearing these tights especially if you’re young, I agree with Aristoc that 75% of ladies will benefit from wearing them.

Aristoc also claims they are comfortable to wear when it comes to going to the powder room. I am probably in agreement, compared to magic knickers they are a lot easier. For long hot summer days, they might be a little uncomfortable to wear all day. With close-fitting garments in colder weather, they are great.

On the downside, they cost a more than others in the same range, but sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for something to wear for a special occasion.

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