Aristoc Bodytoners Hourglass Toner Tights – Part One


Aristoc Bodytoners can help create that hourglass figure!

Note: This is part one of Aristoc Bodytoner Hourglass review.

A note on sizing…The Aristoc Bodytoners range is sized quite differently to regular tights. All sizes are designed for heights 4-10” to 5’10” with only your hip measurement/dress size determining the size you require. You may find that, although you usually wear large tights, you can wear the Small/Medium in this range.

The Bodytoners range is made up of 8 items each designed to either shape or smooth a specific part of the body. Except for the Bodytoner Shorts and Bodytoner Waist Toner, these are all tights designed to show off your legs too.

Of all the range, it is this style that has got all the publicity, and rightly so, as these tights combine all the features of the range into one garment. The combination of waste toner, shaping shorts and sheer legs makes for quite an intimidating looking clothing. These are quite unlike anything we have seen before, but if you are going to wear hip, thigh and waist shaping, it makes some sense to wear just one garment and avoid bumps and ridges at the joins.

The construction looks excellent with flat seams in the body, a cotton lined gusset and beautiful slightly shaped sheer legs with lightly reinforced toes. Aristoc has borrowed the Gerbe waistband design we like so much, but of course, with this model, it sits not on the waist, but just below your breasts.

You put them on just like any other tights; the strong brief makes them perhaps easier to put on than regular sheer tights. They are very comfortable too; the sheer legs have no compression, fit perfectly, have perfect even colour and have a beautifully smooth, soft finish.

The long leg brief/waste toner combination is never going to be called sexy, but it does what it needs to do, by staying where you put it and smooths your curves. The compression band shapes the waist but does not constrict it. The brief is designed not to flatten your bottom, but to lift it. These tights are the perfect all-in-one foundation garment for wearing under close-fitting outfits, just so long as your skirt is not too short, and your top isn’t cut low at the back. The legs are good enough for the smartest evening function. We have no hesitation in recommending everyone to buy at least one pair!

What if you ladder the legs? Well, it is a fair question given that ten denier tights are not everlasting. We would suggest that you remove the legs carefully and keep the remainder as a foundation garment to wear with regular tights.

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