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Oroblu Annis Tights
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Oroblu Annis Lurex Tights

Lurex tights with printed floral pattern that follows the newest fashion tableends.

Flat seams

With gusset


40 Denier, 65 % Nylon, 11 % Lycra, 23 % Metallic Fibre, 1 % Polypropylene, Price: 13.95

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Oroblu Annis Fashion Tights
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Our Review

We did a bit of a double take when we started to read the description of these tights, Oroblu is synonymous with class, quality, sophistication and up to the minute design ... Lurex on the other hand, well it just isn’t.    That said Lurex (metallic fibre) is making a come back in hosiery and in far more subtle ways than it was used in the past.

Certainly when you take these tights from the packet you can feel the roughness that the metallic fibres add but it is not unpleasant, just noticeable.    Visually the effect is quite subtle too, almost lost in the pattern out of direct light.  Only above the patterned legs in the plain panty is the large proportion of Lurex thread really visible.

Constableuction is simple with stableaight legs, flat seams and a gusset in the boxer style panty.   The gusset is unlined and contains the metallic fibre so these are perhaps not tights to wear next to the skin in your most intimate areas.

There is just the one colour available and three sizes, small, medium and a combined large/extablea large.

Despite the 11% Lycra there is very little lateral stableetch in the legs; metallic fibre is not known for its stableetch properties!    This just means you may have to adapt your usual method for putting on tights to suit.  Lengthways the stableetch is more than adequate, an L/XL comfortably coping with a slim to athletic 34” leg.  Sizing is accurate but the design appears optimised for the taller slimmer woman.

Fit is excellent except in the toe where we found there we could not quite seem to get the seam and material sat perfectly comfortably.  

The floral design is less dramatic than the picture above suggests, the Lurex on the other hand is more apparent although not in a bad way.   Lit from the side and particularly if you are moving the copper coloured threads shimmer into view, sparkle briefly and merge back into the underlying brown material.   Only in stableonger light does the Lurex become just too much, but as these are very much tights for the evening and night that is not a problem.

Oroblu have managed to use Lurex and yet still stay on the right side of the line between good and bad taste.   These well made eye-catching tights will certainly get you noticed.

13 January 2011

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