Tights Fashion Hosiery Reviews

The TightsFashion collection of tights is the oldest part of the site. Indeed the original idea of the entire site was to share the experience gained in the building of a collection of tights while looking at many brands and styles for the best tights and the best value for money..  You can read more about the history of hosiery here

The collection features reviews of tights from all over the world, it is not an exhaustive list of the many makers and innumerable styles. As with any quest for knowledge the only thing we can be certain of it that it will never be complete.

The collection is biased towards sheer hosiery as this is the most universal.  Patterned hosiery tends to be highly seasonal with many patterns being sold under a single name within a brand.   Sheer tights in their various forms are constant year to year and season to season.

You will see that the tights reviews are sorted alphabetically by Brand.  Where a Brand is know by different names in different countableies we use the name from the countabley where the test pair was purchased.

To the right you will see quick links to all the brands in the review collection

486 Reviews

Max Mara Ideal Bronze Tights
Max Mara L Invisible Tights
Max Mara Macro Tights
Max Mara Madrid Tights
Max Mara Mixer Tights
Max Mara Origami Tights
Max Mara Perfection Tights
Max Mara Premium 13 Tights
Max Mara Tulle Tights
Max Mara Velato 13 Tights
Max Mara Velato 15 Tights
Max Mara Velato 20 Tights
Michel Klein
Micro Opaque Leggings
Miss Oroblu Creative Tights
Mk Sheer Tights
Mona Erba Tights
Mona Giulia Tights
Mona Katja Tights
Mona Lotta Tights
Mona Stella Tights
Mura Guepiere Suspender Tights
Mura Kiss 40 Tights
Mura Shira 20 Tights
Myway Fresh 20 Tights
Myway Halterlos 15
Myway Vital 20 Tights
New York Tights
Nika Cameo Tights
No Nonsense
No Nonsense Sheer To Waist
Nude Barre
Nude Barre Crystalized Fishnet Tights
Nur Die
Nur Die Brillant 20 Tights
Nur Die Seidenfein Tights
Nur Die Straff Schon
Nylon Dreams
Omero Luxor 20 Tights
Orfe Dream Collection Opaque
Oroblu Active Legs 40 Tights
Oroblu Active Legs 70 Tights
Oroblu All Colours Tights
Oroblu Angelika Tights
Oroblu Annis Tights
Oroblu Carat 13 Tights
Oroblu Carat 50 Tights
Oroblu Celine Tights
Oroblu Charme 20 Tights
Oroblu Cherie Tights
Oroblu Chic 9 Tights
Oroblu Club 15 Tights
Oroblu Club 7 Tights
Oroblu Couture Luxury 40 Lurex Tights
Oroblu Couture Tressor 10 Tights
Oroblu Couture Tressor 20 Tights
Oroblu Dolce Vita 15 Tights
Oroblu Dolce Vita 40 Tights
Oroblu Geo 8 Freshness
Oroblu Hoara Tights
Oroblu Intrigo 20 Tights
Oroblu Magie 20 Tights
Oroblu Master 7 Tights
Oroblu Miss Tights
Oroblu No Risk 20 Tights
Oroblu Nude Tights
Oroblu Oasis Tights
Oroblu Repos 40 Tights
Oroblu Repos 70 Tights
Oroblu Riga Tights
Oroblu Sensuel 10 Premiere
Oroblu Sensuel 13 Tights
Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights
Oroblu Shakira Tights
Oroblu Stefany Tights
Oroblu Suntime Tights
Oroblu Tania Tights
Oroblu Trend Diamant
Oroblu Unique 20 Seamless Tights
Oroblu Vanite 15 Tights
Oroblu Vivace 15 Tights
Ose Angel Seamless Tights
Ose R20 Tights
P2 Seamless Tights
Palmers Slim Fit 20 Tights
Pamela Mann
Pamela Mann 28 Heart Seam Tights
Pamela Mann 3 Big Bow Suspender Tights
Pamela Mann 3d 50 Denier Tights
Pamela Mann 3d Footless Tights
Pamela Mann 40 Denier Tights
Pamela Mann Margurite Net Tights
Pamela Mann Savanna Tights
Pamela Mann Side Totem Tights
Pamela Mann Stirrup Footless Tights
Pamela Mann Strap Around Tights
Pamela Mann Thai Me Up Tights
Pamela Mann Twickers Footless Tights
Pamela Stretch Tights
Penti Second Skin Tights
Perfekt 20 Denier Tights
Philippe Matignon
Philippe Matignon Jade
Philippe Matignon Jalousie Tights
Philippe Matignon Miro
Philippe Matignon No Slip Summer Cool
Philippe Matignon Oro
Philippe Matignon Premiere
Philippe Matignon Summer Cool
Pierre Mantoux
Pierre Mantoux Senza Cuciture
Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin City 15 Tights
Pierre Cardin Silver Line Tights
Pierre Cardin Summerlight 8 Tights
Pierre Cardin Twenty 20 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Effet Tights
Pierre Mantoux Flou Tights
Pierre Mantoux Gala Tights
Pierre Mantoux Legere 15 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Lorine Tights
Pierre Mantoux Lou Tights
Pierre Mantoux Nude Tights
Pierre Mantoux Passion 40 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Pierre Gloss
Pierre Mantoux Precieuse 20 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 15 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 30 Tights
Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 70 Tights
Pink And Blue Flower Tights
Pompea Riposante 20
Pp 120 Denier Velvet Soft Tights
Pp Al Mock Hold Up Tights
Pp Al Sheer Opaque Tights
Pp Al Ultra Sheer Tights
Pp Bumboost Tights
Pp Cool Occasions Tights
Pp Curves Bow Backseam Tights
Pp Diamond Mesh Tights
Pp Dotty Lace Tights
Pp Energy Tights
Pp Flighty Backseam Bow Tights
Pp Floral Overlay Tights
Pp Gloss Tights With Aloe Vera
Pp House Of Holland The House Tights
Pp House Of Holland Alphabetights
Pp House Of Holland Houndstooth Tights
Pp House Of Holland Knee Star
Pp House Of Holland Lace Footless Tights
Pp House Of Holland Reverse Polka Tights
Pp House Of Holland Super Suspender
Pp House Of Holland Superstar
Pp House Of Holland Superstar Black
Pp House Of Holland Superstar Gold
Pp House Of Holland The Mock Stock
Pp House Of Holland Wanna Party
Pp Italia 10 Den Ultra Sheer
Pp Italia 15 Den Sheer Gloss
Pp Italia 30 Den Semi Sheer
Pp Italia Hipster Tights
Pp Italia Nudes
Pp Italia Suspender Tights
Pp Italia Thong Back
Pp Joanne Hynes Love Tights
Pp Leg Lift Light Support Tights
Pp Leg Lift Medium Support Tights
Pp Legs On The Go 10 Den Ladder Resist Tights
Pp Metallic Shine Tights
Pp Metallic Tights
Pp Nanopaque Tights
Pp Natural Non Slip Sole Tight
Pp Natural Non Slip Sole Tights
Pp Natural Sandal Toe Tights
Pp Natural Sun Oil
Pp Naturals Almost Naked Tights
Pp Naturals Just Oiled Tights
Pp Naturals Secret Slimmer Tights
Pp Naturals Sideria
Pp Ny Legs Park Ave
Pp Nylons Cuban Seamed
Pp Nylons Gloss Hold Ups
Pp Nylons Gloss Seamed Tights
Pp Nylons Gloss Stockings
Pp Nylons Gloss Tights
Pp Nylons Sandal Toe
Pp Nylons Secret Slimmer Tights
Pp Opaques Soft Tights
Pp Premium Chain Otk Tights
Pp Premium Embellished Tights
Pp Premium Ribbon Backseam Tights
Pp Pretty Cool Tights
Pp Retro Style Side Panel Tights
Pp Secret Slimmer 15 Tights
Pp Secret Slimmer 60 Tights
Pp Secret Socks Otk Tights
Pp Secret Socks Sheer Tights
Pp Shape It Up Tum Bum Lift
Pp Shape It Up Tum Bum Lift Tights
Pp Shape It Up Tummy Shaper Tights
Pp Spot Fishnet Tights
Pp Tulle Tights
Pp Ultra
Pp Vintage Nylons Stockings
Pp Vintage Nylons Tights
Pp Winter Cotton Tights
Pretty Polly
Pretty Polly Angora Opaques
Pretty Polly Criss Cross Cable Tights
Pretty Polly Embellished Flower Tights
Pretty Polly Fleecy Opaques
Pretty Polly Lustre Opaques
Pretty Polly Modal Opaques
Pretty Polly Plush Opaques
Pretty Polly Unbelievable Tights
Pridance Fishnet Dance Tiights
Pridance Microfibre Dance Tights
Pridance Ultrashimmery Tights
Razamatazz Hipster Tights
Red And Blue Dragon Tights
Red Or Dead
Red Or Dead Addy Tights
Red Or Dead Agnus Tights
Red Or Dead Anouska Tights
Red Or Dead Billy Tights
Red Or Dead Bonnie Tights
Red Or Dead Dolly Tights
Red Or Dead Erica Tights
Red Or Dead Gladdis Tights
Red Or Dead Katrina Tights
Red Or Dead Lola Tights
Red Or Dead Molly Tights
Red Or Dead Pammy Tights
Red Or Dead Peggy Tights
Red Or Dead Pippy Tights
Red Or Dead Prudence Tights
Red Or Dead Una Tights
Red Or Dead Ursula Tights
Red Or Dead Valentina Tights
Religion Wet Look Leggings
Retro Contrast Seamed Tights
Retro Flower Footless Tights
Ribbed Cotton Leggings
Ringers Tights
Samburu New Sahara Tights
Samburu St Tropez Tights
Sanpellegrino Seduction
Sarah Borghi
Sarah Borghi Alga Active Tights
Sarah Borghi Monic Tights
Sarah Borghi Sabina Tights
Sarah Borghi Sensual 40 Tights
Seam Heel Pantyhose
Seamed Fishnet Pantyhose
Seamed Tights
Seamless Tights
Sensi Fashion Tights
Shaping And Sculpting Tights
Shimmer 80 Denier Opaque Tights
Shimmer Dance Capri Tights
Sigvaris Intrigue Hold Ups
Sigvaris Opalis Tights
Silkies Ultra Control Top Tights
Silky High Shine Nylons
Silky Pumpkin Tights
Silky Seamer Tights
Silky Super Shine Tights
Silky Ultra Gloss Tights
Silky Ultra Sheer Tights
Silvia Grandi
Silvia Grandi Support 70 Tights
Silvia Grandi Top 30 Tights
Sinergia Tights
Sisi Be Free 8 Tights
Sisi Fascino 20 Tights
Sisi Fascino 8 Tights
Site Update History
Skating Tights
Skinkiss Caffeine Slimming Tights
Small Stones Tights
Solidea Alisea 70 Tights
Solidea Naomi 30 Tights
Solidea Naomi 70 Tights
Solidea Selene 70 Tights
Solidea Venere 30 Tights
Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields Circles
Strawberry Fields Diamonds
Strawberry Fields Flowers
Strawberry Fields Sheer
Strip Tights
Summer Tights
Supermarket Tights
Tf Features
Tightology Raindrops Footless Tights
Tights Discount Codes
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Tights With Medusa Tattoo
Tights With Symmetric Tattoo
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Trasparenze Anita Tights
Trasparenze Arpa Tights
Trasparenze Bach Tights
Trasparenze Bamboo Tights
Trasparenze Banjo Tights
Trasparenze Becky Tights
Trasparenze Belen Tights
Trasparenze Belle Epoque Suspender Tights
Trasparenze Brigitte Tights
Trasparenze Canada Tights
Trasparenze Capri Sheer
Trasparenze Capriccio Tights
Trasparenze Casting Tights
Trasparenze Cefalu Tights
Trasparenze Cetra Tights
Trasparenze Chopin Tights
Trasparenze Ciprea Tights
Trasparenze Clara 20 Hipster Tights
Trasparenze Cortina Suspender
Trasparenze Cortina Suspender Tights
Trasparenze Dalia 15 Tights
Trasparenze Debby Tights
Trasparenze Denise Tights
Trasparenze Diantha Tights
Trasparenze Dobbiaco Tights
Trasparenze Eido Tights
Trasparenze Elvis Tights
Trasparenze Fedora Tights
Trasparenze Fenice Tights
Trasparenze Giunco Tights
Trasparenze Hannah Tights
Trasparenze Honolulu Tights
Trasparenze Katerine Seamless Tights
Trasparenze Liuto Tights
Trasparenze Luito Tights
Trasparenze Mantegna Tights
Trasparenze Marika 15 Tights
Trasparenze Nawra Tights
Trasparenze Network Tights
Trasparenze Noemi Tights
Trasparenze Odette Tights
Trasparenze Oleandro Tights
Trasparenze Renella Tights
Trasparenze Rigoletto Tights
Trasparenze Roma Tights
Trasparenze Romance Tights
Trasparenze Rosy Tights
Trasparenze Roxane Leggings
Trasparenze Roxane Tights
Trasparenze Sabina 40 Tights
Trasparenze Sax Tights
Trasparenze Shea Tights
Trasparenze Tosca Tights
Trasparenze Tropea Toeless Tights
Trasparenze Vanita Tights
Trasparenze Virginie Tights
Trasparenze Vivyen Tights
Trasparenze Yoriki Tights
Tribal Tulle Tights
Trinny Susannah Magic Bum
Trinny Susannah Magic Bum Thigh Reducer
Tulle Roger Suspender Tights
Ultra Sheer Stretch Contrast Seam N Heel Pantyhose
Untitled Hosiery
Untitled Net Pantyhose
Untitled Pantyhose
Untitled Sheer Pantyhose
Valente Tights
Vega Luxury Support
Veneziana Anette Tights
Veneziana Ar Drago 15 Hold Ups
Veneziana Arizona Tights
Veneziana Bruna Tights
Veneziana Cocco Tights
Veneziana Diablo 20 Tights
Veneziana Drago 15 Hold Ups
Veneziana Fanny Tights
Veneziana Gabi Tights
Veneziana Ines Tights
Veneziana Jovanna Tights
Veneziana Judith Tights
Veneziana Leopardo Tights
Veneziana Panta Corta
Veneziana Panta Milla Tights
Veneziana Panta Verona
Veneziana Roxy Tights
Veneziana Sahara Tights
Veneziana Stivale Tights
Veneziana Tweed Botonatto Tights
Venezians Panta Verona
Vertical Stripe Tights
Victorias Secret
Vogmate Fancy Fishnet
Vs Lasting Luxuries
Vs Seamless Sensations
Wedding Hosiery
What Katie Did
Wholesale Hosiery
Wicked Hip Hoppers
Wolford Aston Tights
Wolford Aura 5 Tights
Wolford Fatal 15 By Sal
Wolford Fatal 15 Tights
Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights
Wolford Fatal Lace Tights
Wolford Fatal Neon Tights
Wolford Fatal Opaque 80
Wolford Fence Tights
Wolford Fire Net Tights
Wolford Hero Tights
Wolford High Heel Tights
Wolford Individual 10 Back Seam Tights
Wolford Individual 10 Control Top Tights
Wolford Individual 10 Tights
Wolford Individual 42 Tights
Wolford Individual 5 Tights
Wolford Invisible 12 Tights
Wolford Le 9 Tights
Wolford Logic Tights
Wolford Luxe 9 Tights
Wolford Magic Touch 12
Wolford Mirella Tights
Wolford Miss W Tights
Wolford Naked 8 Tights
Wolford Neon 40 Tights
Wolford Nola Tights
Wolford Pascale Tights
Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights
Wolford Quant Tights
Wolford Red Label Tights
Wolford Rosemary Tights
Wolford Satin Opaque 50 Tights
Wolford Satin Touch 20
Wolford Sheer 15 Non Slip
Wolford Sheer 15 Sandal
Wolford Swing Tights
Wolford Synergy Light 25
Wolford Velvet Capri Tights
Wolford Velvet De Luxe 50
Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66
Wolford Versailles Tights
Woman By Levee
Woman Dimension Tights
Woman Perfect Skin Tights
Woman Sensation Tights
Ysl Y Brillant 15 Tights
Yves Saint Laurent