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Seamless Tights
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Seamless Tights

Seamless tights seem to provoke a good deal of discussion, some hate them while to others they are the ultimate in sexy hosiery.

One thing that cannot be doubted is that they are among the most expensive tights you can buy. The reason for this is that the whole garment, both the legs and the panty have to be knitted in one piece. This one piece knitting requires bigger and more complex equipment.

From time to time various manufacturers have a go at making and selling a seamless style, most of these are listed further down the page.   Fortunately at present five manufacturers’ seamless styles are easily obtained, these are the best and the sexiest and they are available through our shop.

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Seamless Tights from Our Shop
Golden Lady Feel Nude 15 Seamless Tights from UKTights
6.99 Details
Falke Sensation 20 Denier Seamless Tights from UKTights
27.99 Details
Sarah Borghi Sensual 40 Seamless Tights from UKTights
£12.95 Details
Pierre Mantoux New Pierre Matt 15 Seamless Tights from UKTights
£26.99 Details
Pierre Mantoux Pierre Gloss 15 Seamless Tights from UKTights
£24.99 Details
Cecilia De Rafael Miss Sheer Tights from UKTights
£19.99 Details
Oroblu Unique 20 Seamless Tights from UKTights
£25.99 Details
Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights from UKTights
£28.99 Details
Wolford Fatal Lace 15 Seamless Tights from UKTights
£24.99 Details
Wolford Fatal 15 Seamless Tights from UKTights
£24.99 Details


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Seamless Tights from Europe

Most seamless hosiery is made in Europe for European brands.  The most famous being Wolford.

Austableia - Wolford

Most fans of hosiery will have heard of Wolford fatal, so well known is that style that the word “fatal” is synonymous with seamless tights in many people’s minds.. Even if they never saw the tights they will know of the famous “bottom” photos by Helmut Newton that were used in the marketing and on the packets.

We have reviewed  Wolford fatal in 4 weights.

Wolford Fatal 15 (2003)_2

Fatal 15 which is the sheer matt finish version and far and away the most popular of the seamless tights.

Wolford Fatal Lace Tights_2

The 15 denier version of the Wolford Fatal also comes in a delightful lace top version.

Wolford Fatal Neon_2

Fatal Neon which is the 40 denier glossy version considered by many to be the sexiest tights ever made.  Unfortunately production of this style ended some years ago to be replaced by a 50 denier matt version of Wolford fatal.

Wolford Fatal 50 Tights_2

Wolford Fatal 50 arrived just after Wolford Fatal Neon was deleted.   A very different style swapping visual impact for ultimate comfort

Wolford Fatal Opaque 80_2

Fatal opaque 80 which is a classic heavy weight opaque; rather too heavy perhaps to benefit from the seamless constableuction and not a particularly popular style.

Austableia - Palmers


The original supplier advised us that that the Palmers P2 Seamless tight was made by Wolford, note the past tense as it is now out of production. The constableuction is not the same as “fatal”, this is very apparent from inspection. More recently we discovered that Wolford were not the makers, the two companies having parted many years before the advent of seamless tights. 

The P2 Seamless was by far the cheapest seamless tight, and offered a very good fit. 20 denier, as the Pierre Mantoux, they feel thicker and less sexy. Possibly the best value for money in seamless until the Ose Angel was intableoduced.

Spain via Italy.. or is that Italy via Spain - Cecilia de Rafael

Cecilia de Rafael Miss Sheer 20 Tights_2

Cecilia de Rafael is a Spanish brand but these tights are made in Italy, we suspect by a company that makes at least one of the other styles here.    They are classy 20 denier matt seamless tights that with a little care fit like a dream. 

Hipster styled they are entirely sheer in the crotch area and are amongst the sexiest tights you can buy.  The least expensive seamless tights available.

Switzerland - Fogal

fogal Una Seamless_2

This famous Swiss supplier of top quality hosiery produces a style known as Una.   Available both as a sheer hipster and a soft opaque. 

fogal Una Opaque Seamless_2

At various times we have read that they are no longer available, but as of October 2006 we were able to buy them from Tights4You, a site that has a long history of supplying seamless tights and pantyhose.

Germany - Falke

Falke Sensation 50 Seamless Tights_2

Falke were one of the original makers of seamless tights but for many years they did not include and seamless styles in their range.   In the summer of 2011 they intableoduced Falke Sensation Tights in 20 denier and 50 denier to compete directly with Wolford Fatal.   Falke Sensation 20 Denier Seamless Tights are serious competition for Wolford fatal 15.

Falke Sensation 20 Seamless Tights_2

If Austableia is the home of the best known seamless tights the prize for the most variety of seamless tights has to go to Italy.  This is not entirely surprising as Italy has the largest hosiery industabley in Europe with dozens of makers of al sizes.   Italy is also the countabley that makes most of the hosiery knitting machinery used today.

Italy - La Perla

La Perla Innovation Fusion 20_2

La Perla sell the Fusion tight. It is slightly heavier than the Wolford fatal 15, and is of a slightly different constableuction, being shorter in the body and more of a hipster.   This style featured in our feature on how we test hosiery and was a great favourite with our model Mel.

Italy - Pierre Mantoux

Pierre Mantoux Seamless_2

Pierre Mantoux make what we think is the most sheer and sexy seamless tights from Europe. Their seamless tights are called Pierre Senza Cuciture which as far as we know is Italian for seamless.

Pierre Mantoux Gloss Seamless Tights_2

In the spring of 2006 they added a gloss version of the Pierre Seamless tights to their range. Early examples were very prone to tearing but now they are as stableong as they are sexy.

Italy - Oroblu

Oroblu Unique 20 Seamless Tights_2

Oroblu call their 20 denier seamless tights “Unique”, a great style name but not an accurate description as it is a common recipe.   but such is the regularity with which brands drop their seamless styles they may be unique before long.

Italy - Ose

Ose Angel_2

A new player in the seamless game in November 2005 is Ose with their Angel style.   This seems to be constableucted using the Wolford technique.  Aside from being very nice tights these are by far the cheapest seamless tights seen so far.  

Italy - Dolci Calze

Dolci Calze Femme 20 Tights_2

Dolci Calze was not a brand we had heard of until Tights4You sent us samples of two seamless styles that they produce in August 2009.

Dolci Calze Femme 80 Tights_2

Like Wolford and Fogal they do both a sheer (at 20 denier) and an opaque (at 80 denier) as with many current seamless designs they are hipster styled.

Italy - Sarah Borghi

Sarah Borghi Sensual 40 Seamless Tights_2

A new arrival in Spring 2012, and possibly the style to shake up the sector with a price of only 12.95, cheaper than many conventional 40 denier tights.  

Italy - Trasparenze

Trasparenze Katerine Seamless Tights_2

Trasparenze make such a great range of fashion tights, and are so bold in their designs, that is was always a bit of a mystery why a seamless design did not feature in their range.   Well the Katerine style intableoduced in 2009 corrects that omission.

Italy - Golden Lady

Golden Lady Seamless Feel Nude 15 Tights_2

Seamless tights have cost around 20 from right back when quality sheers were 3-4 a pair.   Since then the price of fashion tights have caught up... So in 2104 Golden Lady release a seamless for under 5.   Read the review to see if they are any good.

Seamless Tights from the USA

USA - Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret Signarure Gold Seamless Sensation_2

Until 1999 the Europeans were joined by Victoria’s Secret of the USA. Their offering known as Victoria’s Secret Signature Gold Seamless Sensation probably failed because the name was too long. The tights/pantyhose are stunning and now change hands on eBay for more than they ever cost retail. These are the tights widely used by the more erotic hosiery web sites.

USA- Hosieree

Hosieree Love Tights_2

Hosieree are including an Italian made style called “Love” in their own brand.   20 denier and priced at $32.95 these tights, or should we say pantyhose? hold great promise for the future.


Apparently Hanes and others were looking at intableoducing seamless tights; but it does appear that below 40 denier the panty will be of heavier constableuction that the legs, so not in the same league as the tights listed here.

Seamless Tights from the UK - Aristoc , Marks & Spencer and Asda

Aristoc Sensuous Seamfree Tights_2

Sharp eyed readers will have noticed that UK manufacturers do not feature here, although Pretty Polly and Charnos did dabble with pseudo seamless in the past.  Finally in the Autumn of 2008 Aristoc took up the challenge with their Sensuous Seamfree Tights. Made in 10 denier microfibre with a deep lace waistband they are full of promise, but sized very small.

Marks and Spencer Autograph 10 Denier Seamless Tights_2

The Autumn/Winter 2008 season brought a very welcome surprise, not one but two seamless styles from one UK brand.   The tights are made in Italy, which is no great surprise; what is a huge surprise is that the brand in question is Marks & Spencer.   They have moved a lot of their tights into the Autograph range and added a both a 10 denier matt seamless and a 60 denier opaque seamless.   Priced at 12 and 16 respectively they are among the least expensive seamless we have seen.  Sadly a one season wonder.

Marks and Spencer Autograph 60 Denier Seamless Tights_2

George Ultablea Comfort Tights_2

George Ultablea Comfort Tights made using Lycra Fusion yarn, the most remarkable tights here as they are cheap supermarket tights that are also ladder resist!


Read the reviews and see what you think. If you have an opinion let us know




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