Red or Dead Bonnie Tights

Red or Dead Bonnie Tights

An eye-catching design perfect for Hogmanay or Burns Night, available in 4 colours supplied by UK Tights. The colours are right on trend for the season, black, brown, petrol and prune. All the designs in the range have the same size chart on the packet. Indeed all the packets are the same. Just the closing sticker carries the style name, colour and size. In this case, the size chart is not appropriate as this is a “One Size” style.

You can see the tights through a window on the packet. So visually, there are no surprises when you open the packet. When you open the tights out, you can see that the argyle pattern is restricted just to the legs. The long line panty and the reinforced toes are just in plain colour. There is no gusset, and the seams in the panty are well made but not flat. At £8.99, we might have expected more.

Patterned tights like these often struggle where the design has to meet up, the straight tube legs certainly help with this, but the designer has been clever. The pattern does align pretty well, but rather than let it meet. There is a deliberate gap up the inside and outside of each leg. This not only disguises any slight misalignment but provides a slimming focal line too.

Our first impressions of these tights were not that favourable, somehow they just did not set us on fire, but then we asked Stacey to work some of her magic and come up with some outfits to show off the black and petrol colours. As you can see from the pictures with a little bit of thought, they can be transformed into a funky fashion item with not a thought of Scottish holidays.

One size tights are often not a good fit on taller girls, but what we found here was that if you have long slim legs, they will not only fit, but the pattern stays in proportion. Sizing is not generous, but as befits a design of this style, one that tends to make legs look bigger than they are, the proportions are well suited to the tall and slim as much as to the average build.

We would have liked the pattern to extend to the waist, but that is a minor complaint. As part of a bold, fun outfit, these tights are real winners.

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