Pretty Polly Nylons 10 Denier Glass Back Seam Tights

Pretty Polly Nylons Backseam Tights

We were tempted to add this review to the one for Pretty Polly Nylons Cuban Seamed Tights. Still, in the many years since we looked at that style, Pretty Polly have changed the style name and included the gusset and seam material in the overall fibre mix. So we decided to create an entirely new page.

The first stand out feature of the design is that, as far as we can ascertain, it is only currently available in sherry (a medium tan shade) with a contrast black seam. First impressions are good. Pretty Polly has taken the trouble to shape the legs, and they feel as sheer as they look. The entire toe is reinforced and in the tan shade. The underside of the foot has a black sole knitted into it. This finishes with a diamond-shaped heel detail that joins the seam. The knitting technology was not available when the earlier design was current, so we were right to treat this as a new design.

The seams run up to the top of the thigh, where the sheer leg meets a heavy plain boxer style brief. The brief is well made and has a cotton gusset. But this detailing means these tights cannot compete for allure with sheer to waist tights that feature seams to the waist too.

There are just two sizes, small/medium and medium/large, with only the hip measurement to differentiate them. A height range of 5’0” to 5’10” is catered for. The sizing is accurate, so if you are an average woman. They will fit, although you may need to perform some delicate stretching if you are particularly long in the leg. You may lose the whole Cuban heel detail under your foot if you have big feet. But again slow, careful stretching will get the heel correctly positioned.

These tights quite literally grew on us. At first, we found them a little small. But once warmed up by body heat, we managed to tease out enough stretch for our leggiest model to get them on. The fit was then excellent on the legs.

The finish is smooth, even and just a little glossy. The subtle gloss could be mistaken for healthy, vibrant skin. But the seam detail does make it rather apparent that you are in tights or stockings. At this price, we expect compromises, and on balance, Pretty Polly have the balance right here.

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